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You Don't Need To Prepare For The End Of The World To Be A Prepper

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Podcast #191: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do

Have you ever met someone who has a job that seems like something they were born to do? Not only do their skills match up with their job, but they genuinely enjoy their work. Now you might think its just plain luck that landed them their career, but my guest today has written a book about how you can turn the odds of the career lottery more in your favor. Chris Guillebeaus latest book is called Born For This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant To Do. In this show, Chris shares brass tacks advice on finding work you love.

Show HighlightsThe misguided scripts people have about finding a fulfilling careerTheres no linear path to the career you wantWhy you need to think like a janitor and not a CEOWhy following your passion isnt good career advice and why you should follow your skill(s)Be helpful, not passionateThe three things people should consider when thinking about a careerHow to put the odds of getting the job you want in your favorWhy you should be willing to quit sometimesWhy you should take risks when youre youngHow to stay competitive in an increasingly competitive job marketHow following-up with contacts can set you apart in any job marketWhy submitting resumes online is a terrible way to apply for a job (and what you should do instead)How to create your dream job within the company you work for right nowWhy you should start a side-hustle even if you have a 9-5 jobHow to know if you should take your side-hustle full-timeResources/Studies/People Mentioned in Podcast

born for this

Whether youre 22 years old and just starting your career or 45 and looking for a change,youll find advice salient to you inBorn For This.Its a quick read, but jam-packed with actionable information.

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Make Your Own Self Watering Tomato Buckets

grow tomatoes in bucketsMy Italian grandmother always had good advice. One of them being, You can never have too many tomato plants, but what happens when you run out of room in the garden. Tomatoes are probably the most versatile plant you can grow; They are use

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Letter Re: Backup Electric Power Design Considerations


I found KKs recent letter interesting in that he, as an experienced solar installer, recommends DC coupled systems. In particular, I would like him to expand on how his clients cope with using DC rather than AC on their properties and how and where they buy DC appliances, tools, pumps, et cetera. I understand that battery-powered electronics and tools are ubiquitous and well tested, but in general the batteries have voltages from 1.5 to 18 volts or so and the chargers accommodate that by plugging into 110 volt AC. Do his clients use small point load inverters for this? Where can you easily buy DC-powered clothes washers and other household appliances, for instance? Would they not have different voltage requirements? My understanding is you cannot take power (different voltages) off of different points in a battery bank as that creates long-term difficulties. Do not lower DC voltage systems require large size wiring to be run throughout a home? My deep well required 400 of #10 cabling to accommodate the 240 volt 1 1/2 hp submersible pump. Id hate to think of what the cabling cost would be for powering a DC pump at lower voltages, not to mention the cost of the nonstandard pump itself. The hassle of running a homestead on DC would seem to be huge. Everything electrical you bought would have to be specialized.

I use a 1600 watt solar system as my primary power source without much consideration in not being grid tied. I do that by using a MagnaSine 4kw 24v-240v inverter that has run continuously for four years without issue. My backup 240 volt generator runs power through the inverter to charge my batteries and also run the homestead when we have long cloudy periods. How would KK do this with a DC coupled system? While it adds cost and complexity, as its one more piece of equipment, it would seem at least to me that an inverter and a conventional 110v/240v homestead is more than worth it. Perhaps K.K. could write an article on DC coupled systems. As an experienced installer, an article from him would be most informative and welcome.

K.K. Responds: It sounds like a DC Coupled system.

DC or AC coupled simply refers to the relationship between the PV panels and the batteries (or grid). An example of AC coupled: a PV string inverter converts the DC power from the PV panel into AC power and sends it to another AC battery based inverter (in an off-grid situation) that changes it back into DC voltage and charges the batteries. An example of DC coupled: PV panel sends its DC power to a charge controller that regulates the DC power into the batteries. An AC inverter is also installed on the battery bank to provide AC power to loads in the house.

Here is a short article and an informative video on AC coupling. Going all DC is difficult as pointed out. I dont advocate going all DC, but having as much DC equipment as possible will increase efficiency and in most cases will increase durability as well.


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DHS Scrubbed Terrorist Watch List to Protect Civil Rights of suspected Islamic Terrorist Groups

March 2, 2016

It seems Political Correctness has once again trumped the safety of Americans, as a newly released government document shows that the Department of Homeland Security is scrubbing the Terrorist Watch List to make it look like we dont have a problem with Islamic Terrorism in the United States.

DHS Sign

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How to Unclog a Drain

how to unclog a drain with boiling water baking soda vinegar

Hair, soap scum, and dirt make up a cocktail of gross sludge that has to make its way from your sinks, bathtubs, and showers to the outside world. Over time, that debris can start to build up, resulting in slow drains and stagnant pools of water. If you find that your drains are acting more like corks, use this DIY method to get things flowing again.

Illustration by Ted Slampyak


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Cooking Kit

When spending a lot of time out in the woods one of the things youll quickly learn to appreciate is organization. It can quickly become pretty frustrating looking for misplaced items or having to search through your entire bag every time you need your spork.

For that reason I tend to divide my bag up into various kits filled with items thatshare a similar purpose. I have kits for repair and maintenance of my tools, for first aid, for basic survival and finally what well cover today for cooking.

Cooking is one of the most common things youll be doing in the woods. Having a well organized cook kit that has all your most-useditems in one place is essential to me. I keep my cook kit in a Condor H20 pouch so whenever it is meal time I can just pull the itoutand have access to everything I need. When finished I place all of the items back inside soits organized for my next meal. Included in my cook kit are the following items:

MSR Pocket Rocket

MSR IsoPro Fuel

Titanium Spork

Esbit 750ml Titanium Pot

Bic Mini Lighter


GSI Compact Scraper

Stainless Steel Canteen